Why be a DJ?
By DJ Jazzy Joe

So, You Wanna Be A DJ !

It’s a noble thought and a noble profession. But, before you jump onto the wheels of steel, ask yourself why do you ACTUALLY want to do it ? Is it the Jetsetting life of popular DJ’s, the wine & the women, the glamour of it all or simply the money? Well, if it’s any of those, please don’t waste your time and money because you won’t last. Something I’ve always told aspirants is that you’ve got to be crazy enough to want to be a DJ – Sleepless nights, playing the same track 5,000 times and still getting requested to play it, threats if you don’t play the request next, unhappy neighbours, very few long time relationships cause you don’t have time to maintain them and a shoe-string budget cause whatever you make, it goes back into music, gear & clothes! If that is something you can handle and with a smile, then please do come in – otherwise it’s better to do something else. Also, don’t just jump in because you ‘love music’. Please analyse your interest in music and find out whether you want to play instruments, sing songs or play and mix music. After all, you're talking about some valuable years of your life.

Once sure that DJ'ing is where you want to go, start practising on your own with whatever equipment you have - I began with a 2-in-1 and a tape deck. Not too many artists are born with a silver spoon but they all manage to create one – That’s the achievement. Once you are ready to buy professional equipment, buy the best even if it's a bit more expensive. It's better to wait & save to invest in better equipment then to get cheaper stuff that won't give you the right performance required for you to develop a professional style. Believe me, I know of a lot of guys who started on substandard equipment and could not stay around for very long because they just couldn’t make the shift to professional equipment found in good clubs. Today, they’re still on the same equipment and the same level as they were 5 years back. So, value your talent and head for the right gear if you want to be able to make a mark. Take the DJ profession very seriously and be ready to work your butt off - nothing comes easy! All the Big names that you see around today have been slogging it for more than a Decade to get to where they are today – are you ready for that level of commitment?

And, if you want to do it for the money, don't even try. Like all professions, money is less in the beginning but once you start making your mark, it gets better. Actually, better is a small term once you’ve made your valuable contribution in someway – the amount that Big DJ’s are paid just for one night is enough for a lot of Doctors and Engineers to secretly wonder if they made the right choice! Yes, money, fame, wine, women, music and loads of good times are there but, only for the one who is ready to bare his soul and give his all to the spinning wheels – Are YOU the Chosen One?

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