Since his First show for FM at Jakarta in 1984, Jazzy has remained dedicated to the one thing he knows best - Making people Dance ! To date, he Rocks the Dancefloors all over India in his most inimitable style. And, even though so much has been written about him in the press, during all these years, Jazzy has remained an Enigma - People don't get how he can be so Vibrant on-stage and so Simple off-stage.

According to Jazzy, it's all crystal clear in his name.......the 'Jazzy' stands for the Funky, Creative & Impulsive side and 'Joe' represents the Simple, Steady and Softer side, as in the 'Average Joe'. As you will see in this section, both his sides are equally liked and written about by the press & Jazzy's friends. Also featured are Jazzy's views on several subjects, as he is not only respected as a music expert but also as an individual who has Been There, Seen That and Done It...Read On !!!

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