On 12th March 2017, Jazzy Joe has completed 25 Years as a Leading Professional Disc Jockey in India. DJ Jazzy Joe is a polished professional in the entertainment business. He ensures a proper mix of music and entertainment as he creates an ambience of taste, talent and celebration. To every event, he brings his extensive knowledge of music and the energy to make any event worthwhile that guests talk about for years!

During the last 25 years, Jazzy has not only brought his creative style & techniques to the profession but has also achieved immense popularity in Clubs/Events and on the radio all over India. Winner of the 'Best DJ of India', 'DMC Finalist India', the 'Screen Gaurav' and the 'No. 1 DJ of Delhi' awards, Jazzy has also spent several years on the radio along with lots of stage performances all over ! DJ Jazzy Joe specializes in playing Hip-Hop, Ragga, Reggae, Retro, Club House and Commercial Hits. CLICK HERE TO SEE JAZZY'S TRAVEL MAP IN INDIA !

Today, Jazzy works on a Consultancy Basis for Entertainment Venues all over India along with Conceptualising & Promoting his Jazzy Concepts, Designing Clubs & other entertainment venues, Teaching young students, Promoting Indian & English Records and Performing around the Country !


SUNDAY, 2.00 P.M. , 17th JUNE 1984. The day a success story began at a FM RADIO STATION in Jakarta, Indonesia . The story of DJ JAZZY JOE, who knew that if you believe & work hard enough for your dreams, they do come true ! Born on 8th May, 1968, this taurean was raised up with exposure to many cultures, thoughts of mind & music styles as his father, working his way up in the I.F.S., was on constant move around the globe. Since ' Papa was a rolling stone ', some of Joe's influences came from experiences at London, Paris, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Tehran & Dubai.

Joe began his romance with music at age 15, when he was in 11th grade ! His part-time job at RADIO BAHANA, FM STEREO, 1019 Mhz. made him the youngest DJ, Jakarta, Indonesia. After programmes at radio stations and induction into the Professional DJ Circuit, it was time for the Board Exams followed by a 3-Year-Diploma in Hotel Managment at Lucknow, India. Then, 3 years were spent in the hotel industry to provide the knowledge of 5-Star infrastructure surrounding most Discotheques. But, all this time, his dreams and passion still pulled him towards the world of Dance, Music and Mixing.

On 13th March 1992, he joined CJ’s Discotheque, Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, and brought his own style to Delhi. His efforts were appreciated & he was awarded the Screen Gaurav Award in July‘93 for excellence in entertainment. Still not satisfied, he went on to rock a 3000-strong crowd at the All India D.J. Competition held in Bangalore in December ’93 & won the Best Disc Jockey Of India trophy." That was biggest moment in my life", says Joe, "Not only because I won the best award for an Indian DJ but 'cause I made so many people happy. I made a difference !"

Back at the club, Joe hit upon an idea for a 60 minute weekly radio programme. ‘CJ’s Times' ,as he named it, had 30 minutes of nonstop music followed by a top-three countdown, listener’s requests, contests with prizes, latest club info and of course, Joe’s exclusive remixes. Full of music and creativity, the programme soon became one of the most popular programmes on Times FM, 102.6Mhz. Then came the All-Delhi DJ Competition in July 1995, with Delhi’s top 5 DJ’s competing for the title of the ‘No.1 DJ in Delhi'. Although Joe came in right at the end, he drove the crowd wild with his original remixes, raps and inimitable style. Once again, the crowd voted him best and Joe walked away with yet another feather in his cap.

In September 1995, Jazzy joined My Kind Of Place, the nightclub at Taj Palace Hotel. Soon enough, he made his presence felt at this new club with his exclusive mixes, theme parties and afternoon Jam Sessions. He also got busy representing his club at public events like rock shows, music competitions, personality contests and the All-India D.J. meet. In March 1997, Jazzy created another record as the first Indian DJ to celebrate his 5 - year - anniversary through an event later called ‘Mix Masters’ , where the Top DJ’s flew in from all over the country and played, not as competitors, but as companions, to create an event unique to Delhi. Not only did the crowd get some of the Top Indian DJ’s playing together, the DJ’s got a chance to interact, learn and appreciate each others different styles. Since then, this event has become an Annual event that both the DJ's and the crowd look forward to. DMC, the Premier International DJ Club, held the FIRST DMC INDIA CHAMPIONSHIP in September '98 and Jazzy was happy to be a DMC Champion. Jazzy followed this with another record -- this time at Valentines ' 99 where he was joined by his friend DJ Whosane. They were the first Indian DJs to perform a 15- hour nonstop marathon . Jazzy introduced Delhi to the now famous Hip-Hop night and performed show after show all over the country. But, Joe's favourite event was the big Victory Concert in Delhi where Joe performed with 15 other Indian artistes for the Indian soldiers at Kargil. Jazzy reflects, " I've always been performing for my fellow Indians, this one was for the country ! "

Then came the end of the millennium, and Jazzy celebrated this great occasion by creating a brand new '2000 look' to complement his image for the coming projects. The new Millenium not only gave Jazzy a new look but also new Goals and Ideas. After nearly 9 Years as a Resident Club DJ, Joe announced that he will not do any more Club Residencies ! To celebrate Jazzy's achievements so far and to bid him farewell, his club organised a 5-Day Festival from 8th-12th November called ' JAZZY NIGHTS ' featuring Jazzy mixing his best Retro, House, Trance, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Rap, Indipop and Pop tunes ! The festival climaxed on the 12th as all the DJ's and Celebrities in Delhi got together to wish Jazzy ' All the best ' as he launched his New Label ' JAZZY STUFF ' - The First of it's kind in India, a label which Supports the Entertainment Industry, Performers and DJ's in particular, by providing Music, Professional Sound and Funky Clubwear !

And so began Joe's "Second Phase" as he not only launched his label but also announced the production of an Audio Album( featuring eight tracks ). Spreading his wings after a long time, Jazzy also began an All-India tour which took him to shows and events all over Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Ludhiana - with Chandigarh being special as he was called to Launch the huge music store, Planet M , along with 23 other top Indian Artists., the premier website of the ' Times of India ' group, chose Jazzy to be an ' Expert ' for their music section, where visitors could ask Jazzy anything about Music, Clubs and DJ's in India. Joe also began writing for youth magazine ' BLAH ! ', where his column called ALL THINGS JAZZY had his Top 10 Club Hits, Top 5 Indipop Hits, Recommendations, Hot Nightspot of the Month and all the Happenings in Delhi. But, even with so much else happening in his life, Jazzy still kept doing shows all over the country.

Jazzy Concepts is Jazzy's Flagship Company. The company's main aim is to provide New and Fresh Concepts for the Entertainment Industry along with undertaking Professional Set-ups or Maintenance for Discos, Clubs, Pubs & other venues. Jazzy also co-ordinates Indian & International Artists, Performers/DJ's for Events all over India (For more on this, Go to Jazzy's Original Concepts include the Annual ‘Mixmasters’ Tour (, ‘Lovympics’ and ‘Hip-Hop Hurray’ ( The company also supports & works closely with 'JAZZY STUFF'. Jazzy also designed a club on the Delhi-Gurgaon border called 'HOTSPOT' with a large dance floor, a versatile DJ, a 23-ft long bar, funky looks and capacity of 400-500 people.... And Jazzy still performs all around India at various Clubs, Shows and Events - these have taken him so far to Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong, Gangtok, Dimapur, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Gurgaon along with New Delhi & even to Kathmandu (Nepal), Maldives & Singapore. "A DJ can never have enough of Music, Crowd and Action !", says Joe, "These give him the drive to be more creative and entertaining. There's nothing like a good Party !"

Today, Jazzy does shows & events all over along with managing his 'Jazzy Concepts' and also doing DJ workshop & classes for dedicated students. Now, Jazzy has also produced a platform for music lovers and DJ's around the world to get Indian and English Records, Professional DJ Equipment, Gift Items & other DJ Stuff on his new SHOPPING CART.
And what about the future ? Is the dream over ? " Oh, No ! In fact, this is just the beginning ", says Jazzy, " There's so much more to learn & achieve. For, what is a dream if it doesn't go beyond the skies ? The best is yet to come ! "

And the Beat goes on......

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