On DJ'ing ---- DJ-ing is basically using technical instruments to create music and mix different kinds of music in such a way that dancers at the floor do not break their tempo. A DJ has to be crazy enough to do a job like this, where sleepless nights are routine, and love music to an extent where he might be playing a song 50 times in a month and still love it.......
The Pioneer, 7th August 2000

On Remixing --- Even mother nature remixes. What am I but a remix of genes from my mother and father? Earth, Wind, Fire and Water come together to form various re-mixes that become the universe. That's why I would say that when it comes to remixes, even God is a DJ !!
DJ 360 Degrees (Documentary on DJ's), 8th May 2003

On Hip-Hop Music ---- The very name describes the music...characterised by a lot of percussion play and vocal melody.....perfect for dancing couples, this form of music is very sensual....if you want to experience Hip-Hop....let me take you on a trip.
HT City, 2nd September 2000

On his label, JAZZY STUFF ---- Jazzy Stuff will make available rare records......We'll also have CD Singles and promotional LP's that bring music to people three or four months before the official release of that song or album........I'll be supporting the DJ Industry and the cause of music in my small way.
HT City, 16th November 2000

On DJ's Vs. Live Bands ---- There are more pubs than talent here (Delhi), so there won't be any competition. For instance, Bangalore has a great pub culture with both DJ's and Bands playing there. At most places, I have seen both DJ's and rock bands getting their share of attention. What has to be taken care of are the listeners.
The Pioneer, 5th July 2002

On Women DJ's ---- There aren't too many women Disc Jockeys in the country..... DJ'ing is branded as a frivolous profession, and when it's a woman DJ, her problems get multiplied. She is considered fast, morally loose and a lot many people approach her than they would a male DJ.
Women Careers, 20th August 2000

On Life After model Jessica Lal's Murder at a party in Delhi ---- A Killing such as this has more to do with ego and less with a party enviroment.Whenever two people get into an argument, and one of them is armed, it can lead to this.
The Indian Express, 12th May 1999

On young people getting closer to Discos and dancing ---- Young people nowadays have too much on their minds - Dance is the way they like to let it out....Dance is about how you feel the music, how the music moves you and how you express that. You don't need to have choreographed steps or watch 50 Hindi movies to do that.
Teens Today, May 1999

On Rain and Monsoon ---- I can't wait to be drenched and if I can share the experience with friends, it's even better. I love the rain and what it does to people. Sure, I do get my share of rain dances at MKOP (Jazzy's Club), but there's a difference......there's nothing like the real thing.
The Indian Express, 16th July 1999

On Food and Cooking ---- I can eat anything - if it's not too spicy or bland - and love trying out new cuisines..... As a Hotel Managment graduate, I cook too. But my mother refuses to let me enter the kitchen as she says no one can eat the food I make. She is my favourite cook and can even tempt me into eating dishes I otherwise hate.
The Indian Express, 4th June 1999

On Education Vs. Individualism ---- A person can excel in many things other than the written word......if a child is bad in studies and good in sports, that (sports) should be encouraged......every child should be allowed to do what he's naturally enclined to do.
The Indian Express, 23rd November 1999

On the Entertainment Industry in India ---- Though much has been done in terms of increasing the quantity of entertainment activities - from bowling to pool to multiplexes - much more needs to be done in terms of quality........And hopefully Indian tastes, especially in bhangra-biased Delhi, will mature.
The Indian Express, 2nd January 2000

On World Music and Future Trends ---- There is a lot of experimentation going on in world music and it will be the sound to swing....... The clubs are beginning to be open to new stuff and with it, newer sensitivities among club-hoppers are growing........The city's dj's can't get away by playing only Bhangra.
HT City, 23rd June 2001

On Relationships and the movie 'Titanic' ---- If you expect too much out of a relationship, you'll only end up being disappointed and hurt........Even though they come from two completely different worlds, the lovers are able to build a bridge across their hearts.......the real foundation of a relationship has to be based on love. And 'Titanic' has it all.
The Indian Express, 7th December 1999

On Clubwear Trends ---- There was a time when red and green were feminine colours. But now, men are merrily experimenting with such hues.These days attitude is the watchword..... it's this non-conformist attitude that reveals itself in clothing as well !
Saturday Times, Special on Times Of India.

On Male Dominance ---- It`s a man`s world, but it`s a woman`s home where every man has to return ! I strongly believe that between men and women, responsibilities need to be shared and divided.
Indiatimes.com, 20th August 2000

On Money and Wealth Creation ---- Wealth should be created, but carefully......... Hard work and the right approach towards money would enable a person to create better wealth. Money is important to an extent. It should be enough to provide a good living. But it is not a deciding factor in my life.
Investors India, August 2002

On Techno Music ---- This music is all about high energy, big beat, dance and expression of one's individuality.......... In the past, people danced with their partners but a raver is absorbed in the music........ For any music to stand the test of time, it is essential that it should have rhythm and touch the soul.
Tehelka.com, November 2000

On Father's Day ---- I think we must celebrate it like all the other occasions such as New Year's Day.......... There are also the usual cards and gifts given to my father........ The day is yet another occasion for the family to get together.
Delhi Times, 17th June 2000

On Delhi's Changing Attitude ---- Delhi is becoming more of a party place now. People work in work time and enjoy when they ought to. This attitude is finally here.
The Hindustan Times, 13th November 1996

On winning the 'Ultimate Battle of DJ's' ---- I wanted to have maximum fun in a short time. The crowd really freaked out on my Pancham (mix)............. I tried another original thing that went down well with the crowd - I rapped over 'All That She Wants' by Ace of Bass........... Winning or losing doesn't really matter much as I was just having fun.
Delhi Times, 4th August 1995

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