Cobbled together by a Japanese company called Taito around 1978, this is the ultimate in retro gaming. The graphics are certainly nothing to write home about - you'd be stupid to even consider it. Yet back in the day, this was cutting-edge technology. Space-age, even.

You control the laser base (a pointy green blob) and have to defend your planet (a green line) from those nasty space invaders (the white, moving blobs). Yes, there are a lot of blobs, but the gameplay more than makes up for that. Now ask yourself... can you beat the high score?

You can move the laser base using these controls on the keyboard:
Space Bar = Fire laser
Left Arrow = Move left
Right Arrow = Move right

If you hit the UFO, you're rewarded with a "mystery" bonus score. It's over after 3 lives, or if the invaders overrun the barracks. And you only get one shot at a time, so make sure you hit that target!

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