Ever since this site was launched, it has been winning awards from All over the World, so many that a special section had to be devoted to the Awards. You will find, as you browse through the pages, that the whole internet community has come together to appreciate the simple and informative design of in the form of awards from all avenues. It is nice to know when your work is appreciated and we are Greatful to all the people who evaluated this site and decided to award it. Looking forward to many more...............


Congratulations! You have won a "Killer-Web Award" for the excellent design and content of your website. The design is professional, with the pages fast loading and the navigation logical. The content is in-depth and very informative and interesting. It's great to see no typo's and all links in working order. You get full marks!

Jazzy, Congratulations from all at Art Space You have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations! has been chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award............ In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.

Congrats,Your Website has won a Web Works Site Award. I have chosen your site, worthy of our " Designs Award " to signify that your site has been judged to contain quality content, design and/or HTML expertise.

Congratulations, your site has won the Advanced Web Design Award !

We have found that your site is well thought out, very pleasant to look at, and serves a definite purpose. It is compelling to its viewers, has informative content, originality, excellent design, and leaves in its visitor's mind the image of a quality site.

I really love your web site ! The design and layout, and easy navigation around your site are top notch! Please accept my award for your site.


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In order to respect the spent time and efforts from the Webmasters / Mistress
who evaluated this Site, Jazzy Joe wants to THANK ALL for such great Awards.