JAZZY JOE would like to thank the following for making this journey possible -

GOD - For the gift of life. For giving me the talent, the dreams & the drive to fulfill them. May I prove worthy of it all.

MY FATHER - For bringing me up the best way you could and for teaching me individualism, simplicity & the strength of hardwork & character. For standing by me during the hard & struggling times. May your soul rest in peace. Will miss you till the day I die.

MY MOTHER - For the full-time job of bringing up a kid as crazy as me. For being a guide, a nurse, a chef, a housekeeper, a gaurd against evil and, most of all, for all the unselfish love that only a mother can give ! May your soul rest in peace. Will miss you till the day I die.

MY SISTER - For being my best friend and for the understanding and support that no one else could give. Hope that I can be a good brother too. May all your dreams come true !

RADIO BAHANA, FM STEREO, 1019 Mhz., JAKARTA, INDONESIA - For giving me the first chance to reach out to people with my creativity in 1983 - the beginning of the realisation of my dreams. Also to Radio Prambors and Duta Suara !

DJ BENNY, PITSTOP DISCOTHEQUE, SARI PACIFIC HOTEL, JAKARTA, INDONESIA - For recognising my talent and encouraging me to take it seriously. Also to DUGGY DAY, CONTE CHUNG and KRISHYAN TANJUNG - The Hottest DJ's of Jakarta !

GANDHI MEMORIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, JAKARTA, INDONESIA - For the most creative school years of my life !

O.P.MALHOTRA, AMBASSADOR, INDIAN EMBASSY, JAKARTA, INDONESIA - For believing in me when few others did. Editor of ' FUN TIMES ', The monthly children's magazine, thanks you too !

INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGMENT, CATERING TECHNOLOGY & APPLIED NUTRITION, LUCKNOW and the First ALL - INDIA BATCH OF '1985-88' - three unforgettable years of learning the theories & the practical aspects of the Hotel Industry. Thanks for standing by me all the way through & for letting me be myself. All the best for the future to my classmates, teachers & college.

CJ's DISCOTHEQUE, HOTEL LE MERIDIEN, NEW DELHI - Three and a half years of hard work, creativity and achievements. An unforgettable part of my life. A big thanks to all at Le Meridien.

MY KIND OF PLACE, TAJ PALACE HOTEL, NEW DELHI - More than five years of making Delhi dance and introducing them to Hip-Hop ! A big thanks and best wishes to all at Taj Palace.

CLUB COLABA, BOAT QUAY, SINGAPORE - For 6 months of Bollywood music, a classy large venue and a new crowd. A learning experience, to say the very least ! A big thanks to Guptaji, Jack, Sam & Dave. All my best wishes to Sunil, Kezmani, Sandy, Raja, Netra, Shaheen, Syril, Gary and all those who made my stay in Singapore a great one, specially Sachin & Friends.


DAZZLE and FX, BANGALORE - For the ' BEST DJ OF INDIA ' award. Best to Murali & Sangeeth.

- What a grand event it ? For the ' BEST DJ OF DELHI ' award. Best wishes to Sameer and Rohan.

THE AUDIOPHILE, MUMBAI - For making me a part of the family. Best wishes to ASAD, HUSSEIN and AMIT.

ENCORE, BANGALORE - For all the funky events. Best wishes to NATH, RAHUL and All at Encore.

TIMES FM - We've come a long way together and there's a long way ahead. Thanks for making me a part of the Times FM family !

T.I.C. , NEW DELHI - Another long relationship......funky events, No ? All the best to Gaurav.

Mr. DEVENDER MOHAN - For putting ' CJ's TIMES ' in motion to make it one of the most popular programmes on Times FM. Not to forget the creative themes/events and the late mornings. Wishing you the best as always !

SUNNY SARID, SUNNY SINGH, JOE AZAREDO, PHILIP, RUMMY and All other DJ's - For the healthy Competition and co-operation. Respect to you always !

SHAMSHIR RAI LUTHRA, AMIT JOON, NITIN KAPOOR, RIZ, SONU, MASH and SAMEER - For assisting me in the hard task of trying to keep every dancer happy. May your dreams come true !

BOBBY, PUJA, ANITA, ARMITA, GULNARA, JESSICA, SAMEERAH, NALINI, EDWIN, MANGURI, SHEEL, MOHANJI, GAURAV, SANJAY, FREDDY, ASEN, JAI, DOLMA, ANKUSH & GUPTAJI - For all your love, support and understanding. When I laugh, the whole world laughs with me but when I'm sad, you're the ones who care. Thanks for being part of my life & all the best for future. - For a wonderful website. Looking forward to many more.

Last but certainly not the least, THE CROWD - It is for you that I play, day after day. I thank you all for the reason of my existence and for all the love and encouragement you give me.


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